WE Communications

 is offering a unique combination of highly specialized services in the areas of Concept, Production, Photography, Design and Editiorial - challenging not only from an artistic point of view but also from the level of technical knowledge and the high degree of complexity.

We Create

 ideas and fully take care of the process. From start to finish and everything in between. We shoot, design, write, edit, create, produce and do whatever it takes to bring our clients ideas to life. We are passionate, resourceful, curious and driven. We are relentless when hunting for creative solutions. We work to build loyal, long lasting relationships.

We Build

 reputable international networks and therefore mostly work on location in various countries. While planning and managing some part from abroad, we mainly focus to work with local employees to ensure an ongoing exchange of knowledge and experience.

We Believe

 that in order to achieve the required participation and closeness of the target audience, is by telling stories of people‘s lives. People are mostly interested in other people. With authentic picturing we understand to obtain transparency but leave a positive impact on the viewer at the same time. We place great emphasis on strong impressive images that remain.

Content and form; we focus on both equally.